Best Beaches of Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria is rightly celebrated for the quality of its beaches. Serene settings of white sands, crystal blue waters and exotic trees. There are many untouched coves to enjoy. It presents a perfect beach holiday for both friends and families.

Gran Canaria has everything you could want for a dreamy family holiday in the sun, so it's no surprise that the Canary Island has long been a firm favourite for many tourists from all over the world. It's the beaches where Gran Canaria really stands out above the rest. Fine sands and turquoise waters, bustling promenades, and some seriously spectacular views to be had. From sandy beaches created specifically for tourists to quieter spots that are ideal for a scenic stroll, Gran Canaria really does offer something for everyone. However, with so much choice on offer, how do you find the best one for you? In the video they are explained to you with some personel comments and the leg work for you is done. Now it’s on you to find your best beaches in Gran Canaria you're going to bookmark for your next holiday...

About VIP Nogal

VIP Nogal is a complex of 21-room apartments spread over three floors, very popular and with many regulars. The VIP Nogal is located in a quiet place but at the same time very centric. The promenade separates us from the famous dunes and the wide sandy beach of Maspalomas.

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