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10 Activities You Should Do

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With explosive surf and sizzling volcanic sand beaches, Gran Canaria offers an impressive variety of tours and activities for everyone. We have selected only ten but there are many more to choose and much more to do.

01. Surfing like a pro

The coastline of Pozo Izquierdo plays host to some seriously impressive surf. Sit on the sand and watch as the boards and sails cut and glide through the water, or if you want to have a go yourself, check in with the friendly staff of one many local surfing schools, who will make getting started a breeze. With a little practice you’ll be upright and cruising in no time.

02. Ride sand dunes on a camel

Make like Lawrence of Arabia in Maspalomas, a glorious 8km-long white beach featuring colossal dunes that span half its length and extend a further 3.5km inland. Sure you can walk, horse ride or even quad bike these 404 hectares of rolling sand hills, but for something out of the ordinary, take a camel ride. The camels’ long legs mean there’s a different rhythm – it’s a slower pace than on horseback and strangely calming.

03. Hike Caldera de Bandama

This Jurassic bowl-shaped crater evokes prehistoric times. At 1000 metres in diameter and 200 metres deep, this awesome crater was formed by an extremely powerful volcanic eruption an estimated 1,970 years ago. It looks formidable, but you can hike down into the crater comfortably in 30 minutes; allow double the time to get back up though. It goes without saying that you should wear sturdy boots and carry plenty of water. Walking the cinder path you’ll see lizards, cacti, eucalyptus and orange trees, while the view from the platform atop the crater extends over the entire north-east and central mountainous belt of the island.

04. Do the jump

Looking to add some spice to your relaxing holidays in Gran Canaria? Skydiving is what you should do. Jumping over Maspalomas is guaranteed to become the highlight of your trip! Tandem skydiving is one of the most popular forms of skydiving and Skydive Gran Canaria has performed over 9,400 jumps since 1977, so they know what they're doing. One of the reasons why tandem paragliding is so popular is that almost anyone in good health and with the courage to do so can do it since it doesn't require any special training.

05. Drive a Buggy 

A mixture of off-road and full speed buggy ridding near Maspalomas in the beautiful island of Gran Canaria will surely give your holidays a fun twist.  Get ready to drive with a buggy through adventurous roads of the south of Gran Canaria! Buggy Pirate's vehicles are amazingly fun and will give you that adrenaline rush you're looking for.

06. Tandam paragliding

Gran Canaria is a place of amazing beauty with an enormous offer of outdoor activities, among them paragliding near Las Palmas will blow your mind! Los Giles is a small uphill inland from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Located just a 10 min. drive from the center of the city, Los Giles, as Parapente Factory, await you for a fun paragliding flight! Gran Canaria has the great advantage of having winds coming from all direction, but in the northern part of the island, you'll find many cliffs that will redirect the wind. This creates amazing thermal currents that paragliders love!

07. Climb a canyon

Discover this fascinating canyoning adventure in the middle of the nature and enjoy its unique trails. Explore desolate places and get to know the unknown face of this island, led by a certified expert. Canyoning is one of the best activities in winter and one of the most popular attractions of the Canaries. Canyoning consists of descending ravines or canyons, as you follow the water flow. You'll explore your surroundings by executing different types of exercises: walking, jumping, abseiling, swimming and most of all enjoying!

08. Enjoy the underwater world

Gran Canaria is a scuba divers dream. There are several dive sites around the island perfect for divers of all levels, including those who are interested in getting certified. Whether you are most interested in coral reefs, walls, or ship wrecks, there will be the perfect site for you. Plus, there is plenty of marine life to be seen including nudibranchs, barracuda, parrotfish, and manta rays. Bonus: the water around the island remain at about 23 degrees Celsius year round, perfect for those who dislike cold water diving!

09. Experience an incredible species

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience? Suitable for all ages, dolphin & whale watching is one of the most popular and impressive activities offered in the Canary Islands. Its waters are unique for observing these animals and they are the most biodiverse waters in Europe. Thanks to its oceanographic characteristics, the water temperature and a depth that can reach 3,000 meters in some points, the Canary Islands are host to up to thirty different species, among which different types of dolphins, pilot whales or killer whales.

10. Ride a bike

Bike is your best ally in your holiday! Whether if you prefer the city as if you prefer the mountains, there are lots of routes offered with landscapes that will not leave you indifferent. Gran Canaria is one of the best places in the world for cycling. It has an excellent infrastructure of roads and other services that will make the cyclist unforgettable stay.

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After living more than 15 years on Gran Canaria I am a kind of expert in what to do and what to avoid on the Canary Islands.

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